What I Have Learned After 5 Months

Progress and Future Plans

Promotional Online Marketing started in May 2014.  Setting up social media accounts took up most of the month.  I wanted to know what worked so I did not tell friends or family members about my site.   Choosing to start only with Google+ because you can track your progress from the beginning; I set off to learn the correct way to do social networking.

I would like to thank my social media followers for giving me the opportunity to learn with them.  I have learned so much but know there is much more to learn.  Thank you very much.  The number of views and followers on my social networking activities closely resembles the traffic received to my web site.  While I know I could have done more, I am happy with the direction and look forward to the future. I have never tried social media or writing on the internet and this has been a great learning experience for me.  All my traffic comes from Google.

Social Media Participation
Google + Views and Followers

In June I published 3 articles after researching  how often new content needs releasing.  Near the end of June I ran across a couple of articles on link building, how quality is better than mere numbers.  This was interesting so I decided to publish once a month because it gives me time to work on other things.

I did not start seeing traffic until the end of July.  I have seen my search queries, impressions, time on page, and clicks go up from month to month. I have only written 8 articles and have 106 search queries relevant to my keywords. I am receiving 58.37% new visits and 41.63% returning visits. My bounce rate has dropped to 65.27% all time and to 62.73% from around 70% over the past month. I have received visits from U.S., Germany, Russia, France, China, Philippines, and Canada due to participation on Google+.

I have 28 links to my website. I do not try to comment on others articles just for link building purposes. I prefer to comment on those articles I am really interested in.  I now have a better idea of what I need to do going forward.

Going forward Promotional Online Marketing will continue to write one article per month for now because it allows me to work on a new site.  I will start writing reviews.  I will increase my participation on Google plus and work Facebook, twitter, and Linkedin.  I am always open to suggestions and learning new things so if you have any tips or advice please let me know.  Thank you for reading.

By:  David Baker
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