How to Make Money Online; There is no Right Way!

What is the best way how to make money online?  The simple answer is it depends on the person asking.  One 16-year-old girl tells us it is hard for teenagers to find a job.  She just got her license and doesn’t drive.  Because of restrictions she sees the internet as a land of opportunity, and a way to make summer cash.

Truthfully there is no right way how to make money online.  Anything your skilled in can make money. Most people asking this question are more than likely looking to earn enough income to quit their job.  It is not easy starting an online business.  You need to plan a marketing strategy, don’t try to do everything by yourself, and start an email campaign.

What’s your plan?

There are many ads all over the internet telling you how to make money online.  They show you how much they make, saying you can start making money online like this in the next x number of days.  The reality is it takes hard work building a business, and you have to put time into it.  There is no magic button that will give you money.

What happens after you buy a product telling you how to make money online?  Your chance of success is limited without knowing how to do business.  80% of online businesses fail.  You have heard internet marketing will help you succeed, but you don’t know how it is done.  Planning a marketing strategy will help you get better results.

Build a Team

You should not try to run your business alone.  Knowing what you can do, and things you need help to get done will help in setting up a team.  Outsourcing is an option for many tasks that you don’t have the skills to do.

As you network with people, keep in mind the things you need help doing.  Working with others is a win-win for all.  Be honest with others when building your relationships.  Your chance for success is better when you work with a team.

Email marketing

Emails telling you how to make money online are delivered to your inbox regularly.   It is where the millionaire marketers make their money.  Every internet marketer tells you that the money is in the list.  These emails are where the money is made.

Email marketing is the top way how to make money online.  Mobile technology lets people check their emails from their cell phones.  Most people check their phones several times a day.  They check them more than they do their computers.

Give a free e-book away to get started building your email list.  To download the e-book they give their email address.  When you get enough email addresses, you are ready to start your email campaign.

 Ideas for How to Make Money Online!

You can teach.  People are always looking to learn.  Languages, business, finance, marketing, anything you are skilled in can earn you money.  Sharing your knowledge can help people.  Go to to learn more.
Freelance services using or  This will allow you to pick up clients and start making money fast.  Popular services include writing, transcribing audio and video, podcast editor, and graphic design.
Build a website and sell ads.  Create a membership site or continuity program.  Mastermind and coaching programs.  Creating and packaging products to sell, or do some affiliate marketing selling other people’s products.
If you are looking to learn how to make money online, to earn extra income or quit your job, then save your money.  This money will help you budget your expenses while you execute your plan.  Success doesn’t come overnight.  If you plan well, build a team of people with complementary skills, and build a list to begin your email marketing, you will start to see results.
By:  David Baker


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