How You Can Increase Online Sales

When you are doing business online you never know what is going to work until you try and test it.  Even the things you do that are working can be improved and testing is how you see what works and what doesn’t.  If you want to increase online sales you need to have a mix of techniques and test to see what works for you.

Ways to Increase Online Sales

One Product.

If you are selling products on your site, don’t send visitors to a page with too many products.  Instead send them to a page with one product or a package with copy describing their benefits.  Your customers don’t know your products and if they need them.  Having too many products on your page becomes a distraction and your customer loses interest and leaves your site.  You can put your other products on separate pages and send your customer’s to them through upsells and follow up emails.  This will help your visitors from too much information and will help you increase online sales.

Solve a Problem.

Each product is a solution to your customer’s problem so there is one problem, one solution.  One of the first things someone sees when they land on your site is your headline.  Your headline needs to catch their attention so they keep reading your sale page.  When you write your headline make sure you state the problem your customer has and tie the benefits of your product to the solution to their problem.

Now that you have their attention you need to go into more detail about the problem so your customers know you understand them.  Then you can solve their problem by highlighting the benefits of your product or service.  Helping people solve their problems will help increase your online sales.

Attract more Customers

Most businesses try to attract more customers to increase online sales.  If you want more customers you need to drive targeted traffic so you can get more conversions.   You can have a sale to attract attention to your products or services.  Setting up a customer referral program so that your customer and the person she refers both get a reward.  There are many ways you can attract new customers and you should have a mix of tactics and test to see what works.

Easier to keep a customer than to attract a new one

 Get Repeat Purchases

It cost five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.  Give your customer great service so they have a great experience and they will come back to you again.  Selling to an existing customer is easier than attracting a new customer and is a great way to increase online sales.

Knowing your customer value and lifetime value helps you decide which of your existing customers are profitable.  You want to get the profitable buyers and not the ones that end up being negative relationships.

 Increase the average order size

A common way to increase online sales is to get your customer to buy more on her order.  When someone is buying something from you then you ask them to buy something else too.  You already have done the hard work of getting them to purchase so it isn’t as hard to ask them to purchase more.  When I was selling luxury skin care products we made use of up-selling, down-selling, and cross-selling.

Businesses have been up-selling products for years.   Up-selling is where you sell your customer an upgraded product, a more expensive product, or an additional product.  Have you ever bought a laptop and been offered an upgrade to a better version of it.  The better version has more features and costs more.  The 60 X 60 rule says that a customer will buy an additional item 60% of the time for 60% of the original purchase price.

New Sales More Business

Down selling is when your customer decides not to buy your offer and you offer a lower priced product instead.  When a customer doesn’t want or doesn’t have the money for your offer then you offer a cheaper product.  The cheaper product has a better chance of being accepted at this point and the lower profit is acceptable in order to gain a new customer.  Your cheaper offer has to have similar features to the one you originally offered.

Cross selling is when you offer a related product to the one the customer is buying.  Offering a warranty is a common cross selling technique.  You see this on Amazon all the time.  When you are looking at a product and scroll down they have a section that shows you “customers who bought this product also bought and they offer you a chance to buy that too.

Automate Follow-up

One of the most important thing you can do to increase online sales is have a automated follow up system.  It is part of getting more repeat sales  and getting new ones from sign ups who’ve never bought from you.   Following up with existing customers lets you offer them other related products and lets you build relationships with them.  You should follow up with new subscribers so you can offer them your products or services.  If they didn’t buy the first time you can build more value and ask for the sale again.


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By:  David Baker