Attraction Marketing: The Online Seduction Formula

Attraction Marketing uses seduction and internet marketing techniques.  Manipulating people through desire so you can get them in your business.  Today many people are looking for an opportunity giving them the freedom to work from home.  They are searching for a system they can duplicate.  One they can put on autopilot.

How Does Attraction Marketing Work?

People with problems are seeking solutions.  Attraction marketing seeks to solve a problem.    You need to get inside the mind of your perfect customer. Understanding their problem you offer a solution.  This helps you build credibility and trust.  Letting you be seen as a trusted advisor so they can decide to work with you.

Realizing you have something of value start creating content you can share.  Helping others lets you be seen as an expert in your niche. Getting started is easy.   Teaching people what you have learned by answering their questions.

Breaking down available information so you can offer them a clear solution.    Taking them through the steps to solve their problem so they can make a buying decision.  Doing this for each step in the solution so you can keep the conversation going.  Finishing each step they are able to go to the next step.  My mentor would tell us that it was one problem, one solution.

This is incredibly valuable to people and they will reward you for your hard work.  Creating online content lets you do it once and leave it.  Using your training as needed so you can work on your business.

You Don’t Brand Your Company’s Products

Multi level marketers need to learn you are not branding your products or company.  The goal for your attraction marketing efforts should do four things.

  • First you want to attract people so you can get leads.
  • Second you want to help them so you can create a bond with them.
  • Third you want to offer value so you can make money with your list.
  • Finally you want it on auto pilot so you don’t have to spend time on it.

The best way to do this is to give away free invaluable content.

attraction marketingHow To Set Up Your Attraction Marketing

Providing good content gives you the best leads so you can create relationships.  Giving your customers accurate information.  Showing them how it can help them .  Convincing them to trust you as an expert so you can make money.  Having an automatic system so you can reuse your material.

  •  Using online marketing you send prospects to a landing page so they can see your offer.
  • Make a sales page presenting your offer.
  • Create a squeeze page so you can capture their email address.
  • Build a content page so you can have a home for your offer.

Attraction Marketing Uses Manipulation

Many self-proclaimed business owners talk about attraction marketing, but can’t explain how it works.  Creating fake reviews so they can get you signed up for their offer.  Using social media they say they will teach you how to make money online, work from home, be your on boss, etc. so they can attract people.

There is always a potential for misuse with attraction marketing.  Knowing this will help you see through those people so you can avoid the scams.