Social Network Marketing! How Do We Define Ourselves?

Social Network Marketing

You can practice social network marketing at a local gym
Social Network in Your Community at places like this new gym in Tampa.

We defined marketing in our post on sales marketing .  Let’s take a second to talk about networking.  Have you ever heard the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”?  Well this is a simple way of defining networking. Networking has been around forever.  We have all networked, some without realizing it. Networking is a group of people sharing the same interests.  Social network marketing is how we gain attention to our websites.

Getting Started? It is Really Easy!

Social networking websites have become more popular.  We have all heard of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.  All are online groups of web users.  They join a community based on their interests.  Many of you reading probably already belong to one or more of these sites.  If you already use social media bear with me while I explain to those just getting started.

Go to one of the networking sites; create an account, and complete your profile.  Do that for all the social sites.  Now join some groups, and start socializing!  Oh for those just getting started, I forgot one piece of advice.  Create separate accounts for each of your groups that interest you.  I did with Facebook, and Google+, but I used my personal account for twitter.  Not a big thing because I will create separate interest groups at another time.  Keep reading; you will see an example in a minute.

How We Define Ourselves!

Social network marketing should be part of our promotion strategy.   We said promotion was how we communicate . Communication is being social.  In setting up our social profiles we have to define ourselves.  This lets people in the group you join get to know you.  Defining ourselves is why we need to set up separate accounts.

In a business group I simply say; I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Business.  I love to learn new things researching and writing. My interests lie in promotions, marketing, and sales.  I think I have sold everything from perfume to houses.  I have worked promotional events in direct sales.

In a beauty group I say; Licensed esthetician in Florida.  Love everything about the industry.  I’m into skin care products, and makeup (especially airbrush makeup).  Okay, yes I am a product junky. I’m thinking about going back and becoming a nail tech too.
Now I have successfully defined myself to different social groups, and to everyone reading.  I must disclose that I am just getting started with social networking.  I am working hard doing what we just discussed.  You won’t see me in a beauty group yet (preview for the future).

Why Social Network Marketing?

The reason why we use social network marketing is as simple as getting started. Benefits without risk!  Some benefits we get from social network marketing:  We get to brand our companies.  Make people aware of our business.  Improve customer loyalty. Helps us provide great customer service.  The number one reason to everyone should be it helps SEO.

As I was researching some websites for great tips for your social network marketing, I came across an article by Cindy King called 16 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros.  I really like this article, and plan to incorporate some of the tips as I progress. Read the article here.

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By David Baker

2 thoughts on “Social Network Marketing! How Do We Define Ourselves?

  1. Great post David. Social media is huge and getting bigger day by day every marketer should be using social media to promote their business.
    If you are not marketing on it, you are likely missing a large chunk of your target consumers.

    1. Thank You Lucy;
      It is truly an honor to have you comment. For those who do not know Lucy she is a network marketing specialist. She has some great information on her blog so make sure you go to her site and show some love with a like on your social site.

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