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Is your Google+ so cluttered you are missing posts? Are you looking at social media tools for help? Let me share my Circlescope experience.

When I started with Google+ I read Christine DeGraff’s tips for getting started and managing circles.  I kept the information for later use.   There was no pressure for me to buy.  On December 1, 2014 I purchased Circlescope.

What is Circlescope?

Circlescope is one of the social media tools that lets you manage your Google+ circles.  I like to play with things to find out how they work.  I found it quite easy to learn.   For those who want you can go to the tutorials on the bottom of the page or contact support.

From your Circlescope dashboard you can use the Relationships tab to see those in your circles who have added you or not.  You can discover those who follow you and are not yet in your circles.

With the relevancy tab you can view your followers by low, average, and high scores.  This will help you find people you want to engage more.  I love the feature at the bottom called the most relevant graph.  It is a picture graph of your most relevant people you engage.

Social Media Tools for Managing Google+ Circles

The inactive tab lets you check your inactive followers by filling in a predefined time period or using a custom one you create.

The engager tab lets you see who has engaged in a specific post or a number of posts you define.

Use the lists tab to white list those you don’t want to drop when cleaning your circles or blacklist those you don’t want to add again.

There are filters once you select a circle for follower count, activity, circled, page and more.  One thing I really like is the communities tab.  From here you can view members and posters of a community and those you don’t have in your circles yet.

I haven’t gone through the tutorials and I have not contacted support. If I’m incorrect I apologize in advance.   There is one thing I don’t like about the communities tab.  I have to reënter the community link when I want to try different filters and after I save the search.

Are you looking at social media tools for Google+? I recommend you try Circloscope.   I am not an affiliate.

In the last week of January I will review the ebook Randy Milanovic shared.

By: David Baker

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