10 Online Marketing Techniques I Learned from a Book

Are You Planning A Website?  These 10 Online Marketing Techniques I learned in a Book Will Help!

During the holidays I was pleasantly surprised when given a gift.  What better present to receive for someone who loves to read than a book?  Randy Milankovic gave me a copy of Building a Better Business Website:  10 Crucial Strategies for Turning Your Online Presence into Something Your Company can Actually Use.

Randy is an author, entrepreneur, and active online in social media and blogging.  His company Kyak Marketing.  He shares important strategies needing to work together to produce a working business website.

I know the title says 10 strategies, but Randy delivers more. Explaining  each in-depth with smooth transitioning for easy reading. Giving you online marketing techniques to follow as you progress from design, content, social media, and much more.

What better place to start? Like all good books this one starts with research.  Telling you how to use it in creating marketing persona profiles.  How using these profiles helps you to express your selling position, and adding new content to your website.

Using these profiles for making relevant messages while using a variety of them to appeal to different profiles.  Covering much more than these online marketing techniques the book transitions to using personas in your web design.

Thinking what your personas want will guide you in deciding how to design your website.  CMS websites shorten the development process, removing stress, and allowing you to focus on content.  Using a content management system gives you a visual design and navigation structure preventing from needing custom programming.

A basic understanding online marketing will help you in deciding priorities and reaching your goals.  Social media’s importance.  Knowing how social media works assists you in writing comments to draw attention to your website and content.

When scheduling your editorial calendar it didn’t talk about allowing for distractions.  I only mention it because I am guilty of this myself.

This summary is like a drop of water compared to the ocean of words this book gives.  Giving you online marketing techniques to follow as you progress from design, content, social media, and much more. In his 10 strategies Randy has laid out a great plan.  Exploring each tip in depth with an easy to read layout.  I highly recommend this book.

I have no affiliation with Randy Milankovic or Kyak Marketing but you can get your copy on Amazon.

Thank you for reading.

By:  David Baker