Promotion Strategy How do We Communicate?

Promotion strategy of direct sellers include sampling
One of my favorite Direct Sales Marketing products.

Coming up with a Promotion Strategy.

Today we have new ways of reaching our customers.  The internet gives us more media for our messages.  More is better right?  How does this help us?  Let’s look at promotion one of the four P’s in the marketing mix.  It is called the communication mix.  It is everything we do to connect with our customers.  It is always separate from advertising.   Advertising is placed so millions of people can see it.  The goal is to inform and influence them.   Are you going to start marketing products online?  Your promotion strategy should now include advertising, sales-force activity, sales promotion, direct marketing, and public relations.

Pull Through and Push Through Promotions.

Pull through promotions are used to attract customers.  They help to create customer relationships.  They can be used to make a database of prospects.  Some pull through promotions to help build customer loyalty are continuity programs, frequency marketing, incentives, and self liquidations.  For creating a database try some contests, sweepstakes, rebates, frequency marketing, and incentives.  Okay some are on both lists.  Choose a mix of these tools to get your best results.

Push-through promotions motivate your sales force.  They help you build sales momentum.   If you want to inspire your dealers use a mix of incentives, contests, sweepstakes, event marketing, and sales training.  You should try product sampling, promotional products, and displays with the rest of the tools to introduce a new product.

Just remember we pull customers and push sales.  Promotions will not take the place of building a sales team.  The most popular tools are coupons and product sampling.  We will talk about promotional tools in a future post.

Choosing the Media for your Promotion Strategy.

Knowing your customers helps you choose what media to use.  The usual media includes newspapers, magazines, direct mail, radio, and television.  Now we have more ways to stay in touch with our customers.   We send messages through home shopping networks, videos, social networks, emails, you tube and our phones.

Here is an example of how knowing your customers helps you.  I’ll use the skin care products in the picture.  No they are not mine.   I want to sell anti-aging skin care products.  I know most of my customers will be women over 40.  They will be professionals.  They will have disposable income.  They will research products on the web.  I can now choose a location for my sales.  I know most read the local paper and use social networks.  It is time to choose my media, and start my promotion strategy.

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