Promoting Music Online: How do We Get Started?

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Start Promoting Music Online

Marketing online is BIG business! Where do we start promoting music online? Promotion is how we communicate. Creating awareness for your music can be difficult. It may take time away from creating your songs. We have to learn how to communicate in a different way. Begin with the skill you already have. Words!

I hope everyone has been using social media. If not, please read my post, social network marketing. You need to do more than this for people to take you serious. Let’s start by thinking outside the box. Your songs and videos are a promotional tool, but you should take advantage of written words too. Implement different media strategies to what you are doing. Finally we will talk about one more thing; you have to know where you want to go with promoting music online.

Promotion Strategy: Taking Advantage of Written Words!

When creating your promotion strategy keep in mind the marketing department creates the strategy. How we increase our customer awareness creates a buying decision.  Promotion is communication. We call it the marketing mix.

We need to use more of our communication skills to end up with a proper mix. Written words may be powerful tools. They will help you in promoting music online.   They help show your versatility. Participating in blogs and forums is a good beginning. What more can we do?

A hand written letter is probably the most personal form of written communication. Online the equivalent is an email. While talking to J-$mooth about social network marketing, we talked about email marketing. He was not using this strategy so I suggested he add this to what he is doing. I suggest emails because with personal one to one communication you are forming a relationship. Relationships lead to repeat sales.
We are creating a communications mix. Start adding an email strategy to your social network strategy. Take it slow don’t try to do too many things at one time. Add one thing to what you are doing then add another.

Implement Different Media to your Promotion Strategy

We said in the post on promotion strategy  that we needed to know our customers before coming up with a strategy. We use pull strategies to attract customers. Before computers we used newspapers, magazines, direct mail, radio, and television to get our messages out. Today we have many more options available to deliver our missives. Media today includes web pages, social networks, emails, you tube and cell phones. I’m sure you can think of more media.

Let me see if I can think of a decent example for you here. We have been promoting music online by branding ourselves social media. We find that we have a lot of plays in Asia. We want to add email marketing to our media mix. We also want to add a blog to keep our fans informed. You spread the word on your social network about the new blog. Here is where we want to use our pull strategy. We come up with some new songs. We keep some of our best songs to attract customers to get permission to email them. We offer our premium songs as free downloads for signing up to our newsletter. Now we have an email list. Now you are promoting music online more effectively by creating a communications mix, using written words, and your music. You are also adding new media; the email list and the blog page. Since you know you have a lot of Asian fans you can create your content made for them.

Know Where you Want to Go!

I will try to be brief because I have written more than I wanted. Thank you for staying with me. The first thing you need to do to start promoting music online is know what you want to get done.  This will help you create your strategy.  Research your target audience.  Think about the big picture, then write down the steps you need to get there.  Okay maybe I oversimplify things a little, but we aren’t trying to cover marketing 101 all in one post.

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By David Baker

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