Direct Response Marketing: If You’re Not Doing It You Should!

     Choosing between direct response marketing or a mass marketing strategy is a question many small business owners face.  Some choose and don’t understand the choice they make.  Discovering only later that they made the wrong choice.

Mass marketing is branding.  It’s goal is to let people know about your brand, products or services.  The adage “out of sight out of mind” is what these ads are about.  The more times your ads get seen, they will think about you when it comes to buy.  This is the type of advertising you see big brands doing.

Mass marketing is expensive.  With time it is effective.  Many small businesses do not have millions of dollars to put into marketing.  This makes mass marketing a poor choice for these companies.  Yet this is the marketing strategy they choose because they see big brands doing it.  Some learn it is a waste of money.

The better choice for small businesses is direct response marketing!


 What is Direct Response Marketing?

     A business owner wants money spent on marketing to deliver a return on their investment.  You need to know what each customer is worth to do this.  How much are you willing to spend to get a customer?  This is possible with direct response marketing.

Direct response marketing focuses on the reader’s problem.  Educating them about how your product solves their problem.  Overcoming objections with information so they are able to make an informed decision.  It’s purpose is to get them to take action.

What is in the ad?

Direct response marketing tells a targeted story to a niche market.  Done with sales copy starting with the attention grabbing headline. The headline is the first thing people see.  It will decide whether your ad gets read.

There will always be an offer designed to get a specific response.  Because the targeted offer focus on the reader’s interests.  It will have a call to action persuading the reader to do something. Often the offer has a money back guarantee to take the risk out of buying.

Direct response marketing will have a way to respond like a buy now button, and a way to capture information.  Online the contact information requested is an email address.  This contact information is valuable because it allows you to contact prospects with other offers in the future.

 Tracking and Measuring Success

 What makes direct response marketing so appealing is because it is trackable.  Knowing which ad is responsible for the customer responding is something you don’t get with mass marketing.

Measuring the success of your ad campaign, and what each of your customers are worth will allow the business owner to get a return on their advertising investment.  It allows you to change ineffective ads to get better results.

Another great thing about direct response marketing is once you have set up a system and received the customers information, you are able to follow up with a targeted email marketing campaign.

What’s the choice for your business?  If you want to earn a return on your investment, track the effectiveness of your campaign, and follow up with other offers then direct response marketing should be your choice.

By:  David Baker


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