Copywriting Services?

Copywriting is written advertising and promotional material, and copywriter's work is seen in ads, on billboards, magazines, websites, emails and more.

This text is called copy, and it is written to get the reader to take some sort of action.  "Copywriting is Selling in Print “If he isn’t a salesman, he can’t write selling copy. If he isn’t a writer, he can’t be a salesman in print.” Rosser Reeves,"

  • Articles & Blog Posts: $300-$800 each

Blog posts have evolved from being short opinionated posts to more informative article style writing.  What many don't know is that articles and article styled posts are more effective.  They give you authority and impress your customers, and will help their projects be successful.

The reason for the improvement is Google changed their search engines and frowns on short keyword driven blog posts.  We write your article/posts for you so your content marketing will be successful.

Elite Package-Article Writing + Keyword + Social Media Submission + Blog/Site Submission-$2500

This package includes 10 optimized articles, graphics, site submission service, and off page SEO.

  • Blog Editorial Calendar-$500-800

Having a plan for your content is crucial so you can deliver content regularly and don't have to come up with new ideas on the spot.  Organizing your content will help you come up with a plan keeping the big picture in mind, and help you sell your products by syncing your product launch, sales etc.

  • Blog Editorial Calendar and Post Series: $500-$800/calendar + $250-$800/post

We help you with setting up your editorial calendar so you know what content you need to create and when you need it, and we write any articles you want created.

Elite Package- Editorial Calendar + Article Writing + Keyword + SEO + Social Media Submission + Blog/Site Submission- $3,000

This package includes 1 Editorial Calendar, 10 optimized articles, graphics, site submission service.


  • Landing Page for Single Promotion: $3,000

Landing pages are standalone pages with the goal of getting a visitor to take action so you can capture their information.  With no outside navigation you minimize all distractions leading them to your desired action.  The two basic landing pages are click through pages and lead gen pages.

  1. Click through pages are for persuading your visitors to click through to another page, and are often used on product pages, giving them all the information they need to make an informed buying decision.  Sending your traffic straight to a cart or registration page can lead to poor conversion rates.  Having a click through product page send your customers to a shopping cart helps improve your conversions so you can make more sales.
  2. Lead gen pages let you get your customer's name and email address so you can contact them later.  They usually have a form with a description of what you will get for filling in your information.
  • E-book:  $2,000-$7,000

As part of your content marketing strategy you want to show your knowledge.  That's what makes Ebooks, guides, and white papers great for giveaways so you  can capture information and establish credibility.  You give away useful information that visitors find useful and they are grateful for your help.  Oh yeah there is little to no additional costs, time, and effort to distribute them once you have one.

  • White Papers:  $2,000-$7,000

Used in B2B marketing, the white paper  promotes your product or service by demonstrating your solutions benefits, so you can get them to learn more about your product or service and capture their information.  They use academia writing to inform and persuade by giving factual evidence as to why you have a superior offer.

  • Case Study:  $1,200-$2,000

People are purchasing more online than ever before, and many look at reviews, and on social media so they can make a buying decision.  Case studies are a great way to help your customers reach that decision because they let you tell a story showing proof that your offer is valuable.  Your product or service success is a case study, showing people how you solved a problem with your product.  This makes the visitor want to know more so you can take them through your sales funnel.

  • E-newsletter/Ezine-$800-$1,500

Newsletter or Ezine marketing lets you send informational newsletters to people who have subscribed to your list and want to learn more about a particular niche.  Because you have their permission you can email them statistics, news, guides, and mix in sales, products, and initiatives.


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