What are Content Marketing Services?

Creating compelling unique content is a key part of your marketing campaign.  Content marketing is about providing valuable information, from a position of authority, to prospects.  It is quickly becoming the future of SEO and many people asking about SEO really want a marketer.

Marketing includes everything we do to increase demand for the products or services we promote.  The rewards of taking people through your sales funnel, using content marketing, is so they become your loyal customer.

Content marketing includes writing blog posts, creating videos, tutorials, interviews, and images so you can attract people to your site.  The best part of content marketing is you are not chasing leads because you invite them to come to you.  Creating content for the internet can perform for years unlike traditional advertising.

It all starts with research so you can get inside the head of your perfect prospect.  Research is the foundation of marketing plans, both online and off.  The good news is it is easy to get this information about our audience.  Most of the information is free, easy to get, and incredibly valuable, if you know how to focus on the right things.

You will use the information throughout the content creation process, and the more time you spend researching your ideal customer, the better you will understand them.

You have to express your customers wants, needs, and desires back to them.  Research is where you learn what they want; what they desire; what their frustrations are, and what are their fears.

Content Keyword/ Market Research:  $500-$1,500

Market research and identifying keywords help you identify opportunities.  It is the backbone of your SEO strategy.

Using different keyword research tools, we help you find the best keywords and phrases so you can get quality leads.  It will help you come up with ideas for content including social media, product development and setting up your website.

Content Optimization: $125 hourly

Optimizing your content lets search engines find your site and is how you achieve your strategy goals.  This part of the process is part of a wider reaching marketing campaign

  • Choosing the right title.
  • Making URL’s for search engines.
  • Placing image ALT tags.
  • Header tags.

These are important parts of optimizing your site and your content.  It is what lets you find the highest converting sales and leads for your business.

Content Marketing Strategy Consulting:  $125 hourly

 Your content marketing strategy is your road-map to your future.  We will work with you so you can create a profitable marketing strategy.

Content Consulting, Research, Strategy Management :  $5,000+/month

We do all the work so you don't have to, starting with identifying your goals, planning your strategy, creating, and promoting your content.

Identify Goals to determine the cost and scope of your campaign.

  • Are you looking to build brand awareness?
  • Are you looking to drive traffic to your website?
  • Are you looking to increase your leads, and convert sales?

Planning your content marketing strategy.

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail” Benjamin Franklin.

There are many pieces considered in a content marketing strategy including:

  • List of existing site content
  • Market Research
  • Content planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategy report
  • Social media
  • Competitor performance
  • Website optimization
  • Analytics tracking

Content Development:

Here’s where the research, analysis, and planning pays off.  It lets you create an outline so you can create engaging content your audience will find useful.  Content is created from different methods so you can get your message to your audience.  For a list of our content development prices see our copywriting services.

  • Articles
  • Resource pages
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Free guides
  • Case studies
  • Audio

Content Promotion: $125 hourly + advertising budget

Having created and optimized your content, you next want to promote it so you can get it in front of your audience.  This is where social media has become a key component of SEO.  This is how you engage your audience and build trust and get attention to your brand.

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